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Friday, September 04, 2015

Whole New World, the new album

As I said, I picked up my freshly minted CDs a month or so ago. (I've been busy not blogging again. Oops.) This one took so long and I'm really glad it's done and my song-children can go out into the world and seek their fortunes.

I believe the reason I haven't written a song in quite a while is that I had so many written but not recorded and released.  Songs want to be sung, not just sit in a notebook or the composer's personal iPod.  So I'm really trying to get caught up.  The second album came out last year, and this third one just now.  There is a fourth one in progress, and another in concept stage.

This album, Whole New World, is different.  On my first two albums, about half of the songs are about rendezvous / living history / reenacting.  The rest are an assortment of other subjects.  This new album is entirely music by and for recovering people.  If you're looking for drinking songs - and I have written a couple - you will not find them here.  But if you are in recovery, this one's for you.  Or if you know someone in recovery, it would be a good gift idea.

I've got to recover from the production expense before I put it on CDBaby, but you can get it from me.  Email me.

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