Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Oh, my poor neglected blog!

Oh, my poor neglected blog! Dear readers... It's been a while. I'm blaming lack of internet access, vehicle repairs, and just being busy in real life.
I started the year off with my motorhome in the shop and me camping in my van, or in my hammock.

Osceola National Forest in Florida is wonderful for that - lots of trees. A bunch of us were down there camping this winter.

The motorhome being buried in snow in Virginia, I stayed in the van and went to Stagger Lee Music Park for my third year as camp host there. Then I returned to Virginia, stayed with my daughter for a while after her back surgery, and went to several Rendezvous.

By the way, my second CD came out last year. WHEN THE HOOTER'S GOT YOUR KNIFE is available from CDBaby.

That was the Spring OVPR, in March.

That was the new West Augusta, in Doddridge County WV, in June.

Somewhere in there, there were a LOT of motorhome repairs, but it still gets air in the steering, so I'm still not roaming around in it. There were some relatively minor van repairs. And there was a minivan acquisition, because when a great car drops in your lap, you tell the Gods thank you and put plates on it quick. And take it for its maiden voyage to the mountains near Asheville to go camping with daughters and their families and our hammocks.


  1. Miss your adventures. You were busy..My hero.. So glad you get to do this and hopefully the motor home will heal

  2. Where is your Motor home now? I understand too well about hose repairs. We bought our van in March of 2014 for $1400 and so far we have had to put in over $3000 worth of repairs and it is still having problems that need fixing. But it is our home on wheels. We want to save up for a small used RV. But these repairs on the van seem to deplete our savings quite often.
    Keep Blogging because I do love to follow blogs of other who love the freedom of the road. :-)

  3. Will you be back in Florida this winter? I'll be in Bushnell at Dade Battlefield...docent, museum, whatever. Mid Nov to Mid January.. then Alifia. Would love to figure out blogging but haven't yet. My computer is so slow, I do everything on my phone. Need direction about blogging. Camp hosting in Missouri for Sept/OCTOBER. Got to refugee my world next year for EPR


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