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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Camp Hosting again - Settling In

The freedom to go and the freedom to stay are flip sides of the same coin. Sometimes staying put and catching up with yourself is the thing to do and the luxury you need. This was VERY true for me last winter and I was blessed with the opportunity to camp host at Stagger Lee Music Park. This winter I'm here again, and glad to be here. Especially considering the lovely weather the rest of the country has been having. We're having a lot - a lot! - of rain today, and the last major southern ice/snow event brought us a bit of icy rain, but we haven't had anything horrible here in southeast Georgia.

I spent the holidays in South Carolina, where we gathered at the home of Younger Daughter. That's where I did the kitchen counter from 2 posts ago. Since my parking place there is actually at her in-laws, 7 miles from her house, it was more convenient for everyone for me to mostly stay at her house. So I was regularly dropping in briefly to my motor home to pick up and drop off Stuff.

It got a little messy in there, so one project while here is Spring Cleaning. Of course, I have camp host duties, and a friend came to camp next door and we visit, so I'm not done yet but I can walk through the house now, and cook, and do stuff other than dig out the aisles.

There is nothing like taking pictures to show you where all the clutter is. If you're de-cluttering, when you think you're done, take pictures and you will be able to see what you missed. These are, of course, BEFORE pictures. I'm still decluttering. There will be AFTER pictures soon. I hope.

When I got here, I discovered that cleaning wasn't all I had to do. I opened my pantry and discovered that the little supports for the adjustable shelves had adjusted themselves out of usefulness. All my shelves were catty-wompus. So that was the first order of business. Everything out. Shelves replaced. Everything back in neater.

With all the cold weather this winter, I had drained my fresh water system in November before the first freeze. I hate repairing plumbing. Apparently I hadn't got it all out - something in the water pump decided to spray water all over my compartment when I filled the tank and checked it out on arrival here. Not amused. Inside, my coach is well designed, as coaches go, so I don't know what they were thinking when they put the water and sewer and electrical hookups all in the same bay. Electricity and water really don't get along.

I ordered a replacement pump from Amazon, waited 'til the next round of freezing weather ended, and installed it. What an awkward job! Even the RV tech who installed the last one hadn't been able to get all 4 bolts in. Too much tank-washing and surge protecting and sewer emptying Stuff in the way! (you can't see all that - these pictures are just ones I took close up of the old pump so I'd know how the wires hooked up in case I forgot.)

If you read my blog regularly, you know that I also have a Van, which I take to Rendezvous and in which I also like to go AdVANturing in the woods. Much as I love this Holiday Rambler, I can only drive one thing at a time, and it's kind of costly being responsible for 2 large engines, so my next RV will be a trailer I can tow with the van. Can't afford it yet. Saving up. Beginning to look and think and dream, though. It will be either an existing travel trailer toy hauler, or a cargo trailer I convert into an RV myself. Anyway, I stopped off at an RV dealership on the way down here, and if I'd had the money I would have bought this one. This was a travel trailer toy hauler with an enclosed Vee nose. The kitchen and bathroom were up front in the Vee, which made for a very nice arrangement and lots of room in back where there were 2 beds that went up out of the way when not in use. I'd have removed the couches and put cabinets for the music and crafts supplies. Notice all the counter space. And the cabinets and drawers are all storage space, not blocked by stupid arrangements of plumbing pipes and what-not.

Oh yes - parked for a while, I get to blog :)


  1. I like the look of that counter... some day then it will be yours.

  2. I enjoy seeing the innards! that has been my dilemma from the get go... I love the ease of my minivan (Homer) for traveling ~ go anywhere and be able to stealth it in a city environment or go to the wilderness.

    BUT it's too small to live in. Thus began the tow and Class C or B and on and on and on ... I know i don't want to tow because I'm a sissy wimp .. .I dunno.

    Stagger Lee sounds great ... now I'll have that song on my mind... haven't thought of it in eons... you too young to remember the song?

    I want to share your blog on FB, ok?


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