Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Living Room Floor Is Done

It's been a busy couple of days. I don't know if I mentioned that my RV fridge died last fall. They are expensive, so I have not replaced it. I've been using one of those Coleman dc coolers, and it's been serving as a coffee table. And then it decided to melt its plug. While full of food.

I decided to make a run to Walmart and buy a fridge. I'd been considering the little 2-door mini-fridge with a real freezer and had been looking online at the various brands, but hadn't made any decision - mostly because I wasn't sure how I'd fit it into the motorhome. So much for research. The brand at Walmart is Block and Decker. There were less expensive ones out on the net, but not many. I could lift it into the cart. Mine.
Now, you know there's no extra space in a motorhome, right? And you know from my "before" pictures that there's REALLY no extra space in mine! I had to make some really quickly before I could even bring the little fridge inside. Fortunately, I've done a lot of house cleaning since the "before" pictures were taken.

The only place it could possibly go is to the right of the door, a space occupied by this stand full of stuff that my printer sits on. I thought maybe I could turn it sideways but tried it and it just really didn't work. The stand has to go. I've only had it since 1993. It was my copier stand when I did medical billing. It was my keyboard stand when I lived in the travel trailer. It's held my overabundance of paperwork in this motorhome. I didn't really want to let it go, but I couldn't quite manage to bend the laws of physics.

I decided that the printer and all the office supply and paperwork stuff could find a new home on the worktable in the bedroom, and cleared the stand out.
I also decided that, with the good weather and the need to rearrange, the time had come to tear out the blue carpet and put the wood-grain interlocking mats down in the living room. They've been so nice to have in the kitchen.

I sorted, rearranged, and peeled up carpet. Oh my! Whenever the previous owners put down the carpet, they carpeted right over a heating vent! Go figure.

Under the carpet was dark blue indoor-outdoor carpet in good condition, so I figured I could live with that ok until I could get someone to cut the bolts off where the old chair had been.

So by bedtime Sunday night, the house was clean, the fridge was cold, the stuff to be relocated was in Lowes Food bags in the dinette, and I was a tired puppy.

Today the weather was again wonderful. I gathered up all my tools and hardware and what-not and sat out under the awning sorting stuff. I have quite an accumulation of screws, nuts, bolts, washers, and odd assorted fasteners. They are now all neatly sorted out, stored in compartments in the tool box or in the hardware shoebox, in baggies. No more digging through to see if there are more of a kind of item. Everything is findable.

And I found my KillAWatt! And the outdoor sending unit for the indoor outdoor thermometer.
After a nice dinner
and a beautiful sunset,

a friend came and cut the bolts off flush with the floor, and the rug replacement could proceed.

I got the mats last summer, from We Sell Mats, and did the kitchen floor then.
Having done the kitchen, the living room was even easier.

A razor knife and a pair of scissors are all the tools needed for this project. Oh, and a screwdriver to remove and replace the edging strips by the stairs and the wiring protective cover against the wall.

Chaos reentered my just-cleaned-and-organized living room.

And chaos retreated.

I think it looks great!


  1. very good...makes it look roomier too! Hugs

  2. Anonymous10:39 PM

    Nice job on the floor. And, having a working fridge must be a blessing. It's starting to come together.


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