Saturday, July 13, 2013

I need a Rendezvous!

Most Rendezvous give you a Medallion when you participate. It'll be numbered, so they can keep track of scores in competitive events - black powder shooting, archery, whatever... They are usually (but not always) cast metal, usually (but not always) cool artwork, usually (but not always) marked with the event and date, and always, always, a reminder of shining times.

Buckskinners often display these medallions on hides, on strips of cloth, on boards, or use their favorite as a pendant... I have always displayed mine on strips of cloth strapping, which hang from a dowel and that hangs from my tent. But I've been doing this since 1988, so some of the threads holding my medallions on their strips got worn out from the weather and the years.

For the last several events, I have had no medallion display, because I was afraid I'd lose some. So this week I finally got a ROUND TUIT and took them all off and sewed them all on with new thread.

Re-sewing medallions is not just a tedious sewing chore. It is a trip down Memory Lane. Ah, this is the event Missy & Larry got married. This is the event we had all the mud. This was the one Nancy and I drove up together and had to go back to town for the night because we couldn't get in for the mud, and needed to buy rubber boots. This was my first rendezvous sober. This was the one I camped with Tom & Colleen and the Lewises... You get the idea.

The addition of the last year and a half of medallions involved yet another strip, so then I needed a new longer rod to put them on, and my friend Sue gave me a nice peeled stick that's just perfect. (Don't ask why she just happened to have a nice peeled stick laying around - buckskinners are like that.)

So the job is done. I have lots of room on the last strip, I have another strip empty, and I can buy more strips. What I need is a Rendezvous!


  1. That is so cool... Really looking forward to your posts from Rendezvous.

  2. Sounds better than meditation! I sewed a bad spot on a bra today....hmmmm...not nearly as interesting. ;)

  3. Anonymous7:49 PM

    Thats a great tradition. And, your display fits so well with the rendezvous. Hope to see more of your crafty items.

  4. Medicinewoman ( Norajean)11:25 PM

    My banner ( made from a table rubber) needs Reenforcing too. You take in sewing???? Only been at it since 95.


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