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Saturday, May 28, 2011

How DO these things happen???

I now live in the largest motorhome I ever intend to own. I don't mind storing off-season clothing, favorite books, a reasonable crafts waiting list, or some Rendezvous stuff, but this is ridiculous. So I spent the morning removing stuff. Almost nothing in here is worth the trouble but I don't want to fill the landfill so I'll be doing a yard sale - maybe a yard give . Many days work still in here.


  1. I had some very successful "yard gives". I also offered my pool man and gardener first choice and they took several truck loads away.

  2. You could always "take it for a walk in the country". People love to wake up and find cool stuff on their porches... right?

  3. it's like that here. TinaMarie still has stuff ina storage bin she's had here for ever. I'm slowly working my way through things so she can start going through a few more boxes. Most of what she is keeping is being stored now in the attic. haven't been to the storage bin yet but i have a feeling this attic will not hold it all.

    donate as much as you can to a good will, hope things get better with the new home. it is great that you are finding things like lose bolts to the transmission off road in stead of while driving.


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