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Saturday, April 09, 2011

RV Kitchen Improvement

The reason I bought the Holiday Rambler - which I'm STILL not moved into - is the Escaper is too small on the inside. There is no counter space at all, so I use the back of the stove and have long since exceeded its capacity. Yesterday I went to The Container Store in Raleigh NC and bought a bit of sanity.

Wire Rack fits in tiny RV kitchen

Four wire shelves, on casters. Everything on the top shelf used to be on the stovetop along with everything that is still there. My spices used to be waaaay up over top of the microwave. Now they're on the lower shelves of the wire rack, where I can get at them. They are securely corralled in Clementine boxes, which fit perfectly. Their spot will be taken by the grilling stuff, which makes more sense.

Half of what used to be on the stovetop now rides in the rack.

The rack fits perfectly in the tiny space in the kitchen, and rolls out of the way when I want to be where it is. A couple of bungee cords keep it secure for traveling.

The rack rolls out of the way when I use the kitchen.


  1. way cool, how long before you move into your larger home?

  2. I'm so glad to read your blog. it is very informative


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