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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Today's Yard, January 22 2011

This is my yard today. It's been blowing snow - and I do mean BLOWING snow - horizontally - since noon. I really do have this whole campground to myself, but no, I'm not going to go walk around it, or go walk on the beach...
Snow at Cape Hatteras KOA - my white yard today.
I'm sitting inside my rig, parked on the leeward side of the bath house, as out of the wind as it's possible to get, and enjoying being warm. I made the most delicious soup I have ever made the other day and will be heating it up soon.
Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny. If it makes this white stuff go away, I'll get to walk up to the dunes you can't really see in the picture.

FYI, RVing readers - the visitor's center on Roanoke Island (along Route 64 on the way here from the mainland) has a free dump station.


  1. Look the thick of snow. You need to wear more sweeter to prevent the cold..

  2. just saw this was the last post the weather is a lot better then it was this day. hope to see more of your adventures soon


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