Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Today's Yard July 6

After work I finished the book I'd been reading, looked up and noticed an antique car drive by and park. I know nothing about antique cars except that I really like them. I popped out of my rig - and found an MG-T club had parked their cool cars right in front of me, drawn apparently by the lure of the adjacent Bruster's Ice Cream parlor.
One of the owners was kind enough to tell me about them. 3 models were represented. The MG-TC have spoke wheels and they steer on the right. Few of them crossed the pond. Then there came the MG-TD, with rack and pinion steering, which drive from the left, made for the American market. The third model, MG-TF, is a bit 'swoopier', with the headlights in the fenders and the grille leaning back.
My personal favorite was the MG-TD.
More pictures will be up soon, next time I'm online with the laptop.

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