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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Surviving Summer Heat

108 degrees in Williamsburg VA this past Wednesday. I had hot running water - out of my cold tap. And I do mean hot, not just warm. My 3-day cooler where I keep drinking water holds ice for - maybe 8 hours, not 3 days - in this heat.

After work I went to Barnes & Noble and soaked up their a/c until it closed. The heat is just exhausting, and I am looking forward to a rig with a generator big enough to handle an air conditioner. Probably have it on the road about the time the weather cools off in the fall ;)

I've said it before, but it bears repeating: Air Conditioning is a recent invention but heat has been around a while. Sometimes it breaks down, sometimes you just don't have it. The best method I know for keeping cool without a/c is to get a golf shirt wet with cold water, wring it out and put it on. Golf shirts are thick enough to hold wet for a decent amount of time and they generally look the same wet or dry, which means you can go out in public without getting weird looks.

I have a knee-length roomy tee-shirt fabric sleep shirt which does the same thing for sleeping - put a towel on the bed. Put the fan on. Don't die of heat stroke.


  1. Wow, 108 is really HOT!
    Be sure and drink plenty of water.We are fighting the hot and humid Texas summer and it isn't any fun.

    Stay Safe

  2. hope things are cooler for you. I'll be moving this week. Hope you had a great birthday

  3. Wow, that's sure HOT. In NC it's been around 98* most days lately. We're waiting until cooler weather to head west. Love your blog.

  4. really hot......


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