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Friday, May 21, 2010

Today's Yard, May 21, 2010

One of the joys of nomadic life is that I get to visit my daughters more often than I would if I had a stuck-in-one-place lifestyle. It comes in waves. Sometimes we do a lot of stores near Charlotte and I get to visit the younger daughter and her family. Currently we're doing a lot of stores in the Richmond area and I get to visit the older daughter and her family.

Whenever I start fantasizing about a really roomy motorhome, it's all fantasy: I can't consider one that won't fit in this driveway, so that's about a 31 foot limit. The Escaper is 26' so I can go a bit bigger but I'm safe from the 40' monsters. And those trees - here and at several other of my favorite places to visit - the maple at Home Base, for that matter - prevent slide-outs from being tempting.
As I keep eyes open for the next motorhome, a lot of rigs are eliminated by those considerations.


  1. A superior interior equals maximum usable space. Thus your bigness is a combination of exterior length + interior configuration. Here's to you finding a home with a superior interior !

  2. Jacki m SeiWell - I tell you still being homeless here after a year one of them is looking pretty good. sorta wish I had one I could rent a space maybe at a park or something


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