Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Valued Business Relationship - NOT!

I got a check in the mail today, from a company (Company A) whose online catalog I have enjoyed browsing, and from whom I have happily ordered. It was a check for $8.25.
The explanation along with it was that they "valued our relationship" -
and therefore had asked an unaffiliated company (Company B) to attempt to rip me off.
OK, that's not exactly the way they put it, but that's what it is.
If I were to cash the check without reading - or perhaps understanding - the information on the back of the page, doing so would enroll me as a member of said unaffiliated company B, for $15 a month for which they would debit my card on file with Company A. The fine print gives permission for Company A to "securely" transfer my information to Company B. And for Company B to debit my card monthly for the $14.99 or the then current rate (wild card!) unless I CALL them to cancel.
For this $160/year, I become eligible to receive 2% refund on all my credit card purchases up to $5,000. Cool - I can get $100 back, if I spend $5,000 on a credit card - if I pay $160 a year for the privelege??? I can do that math! Oh, and get this: it doesn't happen automatically. After a year of membership, you have to gather up all your credit card receipts and send them in. You have a full 90 days to do it. Then they have even more of your information. If you remember to send it in. If they are even still in business by then.

I think if Company A "valued our relationship" they would not have sic'd Company B on me.

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  1. Anonymous1:16 AM

    That's just plain treacherous...Over the years I've had other schemes presented to me but the past 10 or 15 years I've gathered up the whole thing and sent it to the state consumer protection bureau. I got on such a campaign about it here a few years back that finally there is some legislation now in this state that has put the skids on it pretty much. I actually got a couple of nasty letters/phone calls over the years from some of these jerks but it's been well worth it.

    New topic--I've enjoyed your blog for some time now; you're moving about in my old 'home territory', to which I hope to return in a year or so, so am always interested in seeing your news. Thank you.



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