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Friday, February 22, 2008

The next week we worked in Carolina Beach. I was all excited: there's a history site and an aquarium and of course the beach itself, and a state park. I drove down Lake Park Blvd. until I found out how it got it's name.

I parked the motorhome and walked around the park, enjoying the sun, the spring-like day, and the freedom from pain my recent visit to the podiatrist had brought. I stopped to watch the diving ducks - now here's a challenge. Watch the video and count the ducks.

(No I haven't done it, so I won't know if you got it right.)

I drank from an endangered species: a working public water fountain.

So many places no longer have them at all, or they are there but in disrepair. I detoured across the road to visit the beach.

I ate lunch at lakeside.

Then I returned to the store to nap before work. And got the flu. So much for visiting the aquarium and all that - it will be there when I get back in a week or two.

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