Sunday, December 02, 2007

Kate has tagged me to play SEVEN THINGS
and I'm not sure what the rules if any are - i am guessing you just make a list of 7 things about you, or maybe just 7 things....

OK, what the heck...

This weekend was so very short, flew by so very fast, that I will list Seven Things I'd Do With The Time If I Didn't Have To Work:

  • Visit my kids, grandkids, aunt, friends I haven't seen in ages...
  • Write, play, listen to and record music - publish some more CDs...
  • Get in really good shape and do some serious hiking, boating, archery, shooting...
  • Go to Rendezvous - in places I haven't been...
  • Develop web sites for people who need them...
  • Winter in the sunny south... (I'm writing from Georgia now, but I have to head back north Thursday :(
  • Read - the backlog could take lifetimes.

And I could go on and on but the game IS "Seven Things".


  1. Anonymous12:29 AM

    Living the tent and the old caravan are we?

    Let's see: 7 Things eh?

    Relive a Texas thunderstorm
    Bedevil a Brit
    Update "Poverty Knocks"
    Brain-tan a Trucker (now there's a song)
    Finally tune a twelve string! (all 12 have to count at the same time).
    Forget the future. (another song; just haven't figured it out)but you did.
    Remember to stare into embers.

  2. Good work, Gypsy Jane! I enjoyed reading your seven things!


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