Saturday, December 15, 2007

I'm Christmas Shopping. And surfing the net looking for a pot rack for my daughter's new kitchen. I ran across this product and ,while I have no idea why Amazon listed it among pot racks, I thought I'd pass the info on to anyone who likes to save space. (For some reason I suspect there are other RV'ers out there reading this blog.)
Functional Fabrics Check out the Cook 'n Go link.
OK, back to shopping.


  1. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Buffalo Woman,

    Remember the guy who sold you the large tent, that was before you went to a tepee. They called me Wronghand at the time, Roger Scarbrough sometime, Now I am referred to as Hawk. I love the tape you sent me as part of our "deal" and still play play it all the time. Gotta change it over to MP3 though. My tape player is going bad. Thanks for the memories,
    Hawk (Wronghand)

    PS: I was the tomahawk guy.

  2. Yeah, Roger/Hawk, I remember you. That was the middle of 3 pyramid tents I've gone through, but I still have the knife that stuck right where I aimed it the first time I threw it off your blanket so I had to get it :)
    The tape is available as a CD now, or you can record it into your computer from your tape recorder and save it as an MP3 - Audacity is a free program that can accomplish that with no problem.

    Buffalo Woman


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