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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Instead of Blogging - I've been seeing the chiropractor, working, swimming (it's been HOT in Virginia), working, going to a family wedding (it was nice but I doubt you want to see the pics), working, modifying my cargo trailer, working, going to the many bead shops in the Tidewater area, working....
This week, after work and a third trip to the local bead shop, I went to Oak Grove Lake Park here in Chesapeake. I'd found it earlier in the week by making a wrong turn and decided to return and explore when I had more time.

It's a small lake - 2 miles around.
I know: I walked the walking path which circumnavigates the lake. No swimming, although it looks quite inviting. People fish there, and use radio controlled boats. Kids ride bikes. People walk. People run.

The walking path is wider than many West Virginia country roads and is sprinkled generously with rest stops

and fitness stops - the latter built by a Boy Scout troop.

It winds through the woods along the lake shore, then between the lake

and the highway, then on along the shore.

On this side of the lake, the walkway is lined with crepe myrtles courtesy of the PTA I believe.

All the rest stops had trash cans, and there was not much litter to detract from the scenery.

I was surprised to see
billboards tied along the path to and from the parking lot, though. What's up with that?

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