Monday, March 19, 2007

I actually don't know where to start! I took all the pictures my camera battery would allow. But YOU should start at the Atalaya post, which is the one below this, if you haven't read it yet. It will tell you about the people who founded this park and sculpture garden.

Brookgreen Gardens is one of the most beautiful places I've seen, with its mixture of art, landscaping and nature. I only had time to see the sculpture gardens, but there's lots more there. We'll leave it for a future blog.

Anna carved this symbolic statue of herself and Archer.

These children saying the Pledge of Alliegance are the first sculpture I encountered.

Further down the path, a gentleman sits on a bench, reading his newspaper.

Things get more esoteric further into the gardens.
Circle of Life
Harold "Tuck" Langland
Using the metaphor of dance, this group of four figures represents the cycles of human life, four seasons, four elements, and four directions. Each figure has an accompanying poem written by the sculptor.

The dancing figures of the four directions, in the Circle of Life, tell you you just might be entering sacred space.

She is the east where dawn brings the new day
She is spring when the land bursts into bloom
She is water, the cradle of life

He is the south with the sun high in the day
He is summer with growth abundant
He is air and the breath of life

He is the west where the sun descends blazing
He is the autumn when living things look to their rest
He is transforming fire

She is the north that waits in darkness
She is winter when all is still
She is earth listening for spring rain

And then there is The Diana Pool

Home to some truly large goldfish!


And Dionysus.

Stay tuned for more. Next time I'm online I will post some truly awesome Live Oaks, more sculptures, including a group of Anna's, and futher adventures.

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  1. The Live Oaks are lovely; I wish I could plant them at my home.


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