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Friday, November 03, 2006

Retrojet lag! THAT's what you get when you spend 5 days in the 18th Century and have to come back to the modern world, hit the deck running and go to work.
Last week, after working in Charlottesville VA, visiting Sue and the Alpaca, I loaded up the car and went to the Olde Virginia Primitive Riflemen, , fall Rendezvous. Spent the weekend eating, visiting with friends, making music, having fun, trying to stay warm and dry, and wondering how on earth I used to do winter camps. I remember setting up my 18' tipi in the snow! We had a wonderful time at those but I can't see me doing them now. Is it that I'm getting older or did a few winters in Florida spoil me forever?
I got home Sunday evening much too tired to unload the car but this week I got to work right here where I live so I didn't have to. I took the motorhome to work Monday and unloaded the car Monday night.
Years ago, when I had a medical billing business in my home, I used to schedule a jet-lag day after Rendezvous. ALL I expected of myself that day was to read the mail. Anything else was gravy. Can't do that now - If I've got an assignment I need to be there and functional. Which is why the car stayed loaded 'til Monday afternoon.

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