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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Ever make a frizzen stall?
What's that, you ask? (It's a cover for the frizzen on a flintlock rifle.)

I went to visit my friends Henry and Debora after I finished work in Roanoke this week. Like me, they do the 18th century reenactment thing.

Henry, proprietor of Fort Vause Outfitters, has just produced a DVD teaching basic leatherworking. I got a private showing while I was there, and it was very very good. He discusses tools and leather basics, and leads the viewer through making a frizzen stall and a colonial wallet.

The DVD is available from Panther Primitives, at this link:



is known as the Star City of the South -

It's got this star
up on Mill Mountain
shining its light
all year round.
I've hiked around up there
and seen it up close.

It's a 100' star, probably the largest there is.

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