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Thursday, February 08, 2018

Project: knock down stand

UPDATE:  The blue looks great on it.

Inspired by the knock-down flat-packing camp furniture my Alafia neighbors had, I designed a stand for my own camp kitchen. I love the fact that this stuff packs so compactly and goes together so easily.
I used to do some woodworking, in my pre-nomadic life, but tools are bulky, heavy, and don't travel well. But I have friends, and I'm visiting - and they have a wood shop.
Fortuitously, I had with me a couple of pieces of plywood, which had been the bed platform in my now-deceased E350 van.  That plywood was just the right size for the the shelves and two uprights. My friend Doc contributed woodworking tools, labor, and another piece of plywood for the back of the piece.
Doc has a random orbital sander, too. I'd never used one before, and it is so much nicer to use than the belt sanders and pad sanders I'm used to.
By afternoon we were done!
I'm going to paint it blue and enjoy it thoroughly.

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