Sunday, January 27, 2013

Gypsy 1 - Stuff 0

I am determined to win the battle of STUFF. I could fit in this rig - or a camper van, for that matter - except that I have interests that require materials and tools and... I do music. I read. I make jewelry. I knit. (I do other things, too, but the Stuff for those things has been relegated to storage, which is a different can of worms entirely.) So I have instruments and music books and beadwork tools and beads - lots of beads - and a bunch of knitting needles and a small stash of yarn and a to-be-read pile that is unfortunately not entirely Kindle books.
This is one of the two overhead cabinets devoted to beadwork supplies. As you can see, it is pretty much packed and not very easy to use. A quick pair of earrings becomes a major project.
Another overhead cabinet in the bedroom was devoted to music books and odds and ends of recording paraphernalia. So today I reorganized the overhead cabinets in the living room - where I actually DO the music - and got enough stuff removed or compressed or relocated that I had an empty cabinet. Wow! So I moved the music stuff from the bedroom to the living room, where it will be much more useful. Weeded out some stuff, too. RVing musicians, note the instrument hanger attached to the space between the cabinet doors. No, I do NOT drive with the guitar hanging there but I'm not driving anywhere for a couple of months so it gets to hang close at hand.
So now I have a newly empty cabinet in the bedroom for beading supplies. Another day I will pull it all out, make some things, and put it all away in a more usable manner, using this newly available space.


  1. sounds like time will really be used well there

  2. Yep, it's hard. I do beading too. Mine is stuffed into two big duffle bags. My dog grooming supplies, in another duffle bag. My yarns & such are in bags & they kind of go back & forth to storage or to my van. The duffle bags drive me crazy. They are usually sitting on my passenger seat or on the floorboard in front of the passenger seat. I need to purge my cabinets one of these days. Then there's kitchen never ends!


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