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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The Eastern Rendezvous

The rendezvous is over.   We had sun, wind,  rain, and a wonderful time.  Ate lots of good food cooked over open fires.  Played and listened to lots of music.  As usual, I took my bow and gun but never shot either because I was way too busy having other kinds of fun.  Shooting will have to wait for a smaller event, when I'm not so busy catching up friends I don't get to see often.
A few days rest at friends’ house,  and we're off to do it again at Fort Rowdy this weekend.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous1:50 PM

    It was so good to finally meet you. We had a great time. I sure hope you are having an easy time with this weather. Thanks for singing the Knife Song for Richard and me. I can't wait for next year to get a copy of your new CD. I am enjoying the one I got this year and everyone I play it for loves it!
    Take care,
    Vicki Allen


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