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Monday, July 09, 2012

New Comfy Mattress

When I was still living in the Escaper, I bought a wonderfully comfy air bed from Bed Bath & Beyond. It has a built in electric pump and is easy to adjust - sort of like a Sleep-Number Bed without the price tag. It's a twin size, and I bought it thinking I would be able to move it into the Holiday Rambler when it finally got road-worthy.
Not so much.
The beds in the Rambler are a custom size, about 8 inches narrower than standard twin. Sheets don't fit. Extra pillows get in the way. When I put the air bed in place and inflated it, it not only hung over the edge of the bed, it overlapped the built-in bed stand.

Fast forward a year or so. I'm parked at my friends' (Thom and Kacee) in Tool Heaven. So I asked Thom how hard would it be to move the bed stand over to the left. He said it would be pretty easy and promptly volunteered to do it.
OK - pretty easy for him.
He's got cool stuff like off-set ratchets. Good thing, because the way motorhome interiors are put together, screws are not always reachable in anything like a normal manner.
After a bit of contortionism and suitable application of cool tools, the stand and the left spacer were removed.
A bit of adjustment was required to make everything fit back in properly.
The left spacer was joined to the right spacer.
The stand was installed to the left of the spacers, right up next to the musical instruments' bed.
Then Thom built an extension for the bed platform.
And voila! The roomier, more comfortable air mattress is installed.

Thom, I thank you, my back thanks you, zzzzzzzzz.


  1. I sleep on my overhead cab area. Tried an air mattress up there, but kept hitting my elbows on the ceiling! So I had to deflate it, take it off & got a memory foam pad instead. But between the two, I prefer the air bed most. I have a sleeping bag that has an inflatable mattress under it too, which is more narrow then the twin sized air mattress I have, but it's too narrow & can be easily rolled off of...

    Good job though!!

  2. That's great, big hugs for good friends like this.


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