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Friday, September 24, 2010

The end of a relationship

When we first got together, it was blissful.  We had 15 good years.  Then things changed.  When I tried to communicate, I would be reduced to tears.
They say insanity is repeating the same thing, expecting different results.  I'm done.
It's over.  I will no longer allow you to treat me this way.
Bank of America, I have negotiated your voice response system for the last time.  What would take a human being less than 2 minutes to deal with, requires major chunks of time listening to inane menus, selecting the closest inadequate response, and not resolving the issue.
Most recently I spent nearly an hour trying to tell your voice response system that buying propane for my RV is NOT unusual card activity.  Eventually, I had to go online, text-chat with a live person who couldn't actually DO anything but who did give me a number where I could reach a live person.  Total time: 2 hours.
Does it make sense that I can go online and type to a human but can't call one on the phone???
If you were my boyfriend, this would be an abusive relationship.  I don't stay in abusive relationships, so I'm out of here.
So is my money.  It's going to another bank which employs actual human customer service people.


  1. Me and My Dog has left a comment:

    You go,Girl!


    which I accidentally deleted and can't find a way to un-delete it so I just posted it from my email. Sorry, Barbara.

  2. I know you had me with the 15 years end of relationship yet I quickly remembered you were talking about the bank the other day. I know the feeling only because we get that with the "system" for social services. Here in Fort Worth, and this is no kidding, the crisis hot line that you have to call in order to get screened for services in mental health AND this is the same number that is used for emergency crisis calls actually went strait to the music cue one day for fifteen minutes. I believe that was a joke many years ago and came to life here.

  3. Understand completely, We have been burned by Bank America too. We now have Chase and so far so good.

    Stay Safe

  4. Chase is worse than Bank America but cngrats on telling one bad company where to go.

    Cruzin2some, Chase will screw you sooner or later, their system is designed that way. I'd explain and well I did actually in my blog but I wish you luck, personally I'd move to a local bank card and leave the huge monster companies to themselves.

  5. Too bad that abusers don't listen! GRR!

    Good for you for leaving! The other issue hubby and I have is the credit card b.s. We've vowed to be debt free! If it means NO credit then so be it!

    I too am done with the cycle!!!

  6. Good Riddance to Bank of America!!! There's lot's of banks where that one came from. I've had o.k. luck with US Bank so far. If you ever have trouble getting a person, check out It's a website that gives you the way to get a real person for all kinds of companies.


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