Friday, June 25, 2010

My new home

I rode out this morning to look at this rig. I dearly love my Escaper but it's feeling really cramped and it's aging...
After much deliberation and after consultation with HP and an unbiased mechanic, I bought this.
It's a 92 Holiday Rambler, one of my favorite brands. Basement. Straight line kitchen. Twin beds. Coach is amazing. Mechanically, it needs work. So it goes to the shop in the morning and when I see it again it will start, run, steer and stop like it should. Then there will be some modifications in all my spare time so my desk can be aboard. So no, i'm not moving in right away. I want to do everything that needs done before my Stuff starts getting in the way.


  1. seen the post over on facebook that it's not a done deal yet? Are you selling the old one when you are settled in this one? Could use a home...seriously

  2. Happy you have found a new home.

  3. Congrats on your new rig!! Enjoy. Glad you found something that fits you.


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