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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This is Global Warming??

Is it just me, or is this the coldest winter we've had in a long time? I'm so glad to have my 3 good new house batteries :) and to be parked weekends where I can plug in and run the electric blanket.
It warmed up a little Christmas week, then turned cold again, even in South Carolina. Work bounced me back and forth between South Carolina and Central Virginia. With no running water in the pipes, things don't fill up very fast, which is a good thing - it's about impossible to dump when the waters in the valve area are frozen.
Then this past weekend it warmed up. I was in Clover, SC and rejoiced in the sunshine. I took the scoot off the rack and rode to the excellent Curves there, then visited with my daughter. When I returned to the rig, my nose told me that the aforementioned waters had thawed out. Time for some plumbing.
Fortunately I was scheduled to work this week at home base. I drove north knowing I would be parked with electric hookups and driving my little car to and from work this week.
Monday I got off work a bit early (TG!), dumped, rinsed, parked. At home, I back onto ramps whose purpose in life is to make the motorhome level in a driveway which is decidedly not. That keeps the fridge (and me) happy. The side benefit is they put whatever you want to work on up where you can do it. In this case, the offending plumbing was about 2.5 feet off the ground.
The bolts on the valves had been there since 1988 and they wanted to stay. Danny got them off anyway, and I went to the local RV shop for replacement valves. I had them on and functional by the time dinner was ready.
Now if I can just get the new back-up cam installed. And no, you don't want pictures for this post.


  1. I agree - the weather has been cold this year. A couple of months ago they said it was the coldest day here (Fairfax, VA)in 12 years, then it was so nice on Christmas day, we decided to wash cars in the driveway.
    It is cold now but is melting a bit--but they say more snow/ice this weeks.

    Randy and Pam

  2. Anonymous8:43 AM

    I'd help with the back up cam if I was warming like the beautiful snow is in the eyes of the beholder. Cold is cold and hot is just seems easier to cool down then to warm up these old joints. lj

  3. NOAA says this has been a record winter for cold here - not the coldest but in the top 10. Small comfort. Maybe I can help you get your backup cam installed when next we get together.


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