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Saturday, July 05, 2008


While Sue & I were canoing, we found a couple of beach balls had drifted down to the dam at the lower end of the lake. We retrieved them and brought them back to the swimming area.
I was pretty amazed by the warning label on this beach ball. Somehow I had never thought of a beach ball as a hazardous object. It's too big to swallow and choke on. It's too soft to give you a concussion. So?

Just what constitutes "competent supervision" for beachball use, anyway? I mean, beyond what common sense would dictate for swimming in general.


  1. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Don't you know it's dangerous to play with a beach ball by yourself? You could start singing "Surf Safari" and your brain might rot before you could stop!

    Happy birthday!

  2. I finally figured it out: it's for the protection of the beach ball. Obviously this beach ball wasn't properly supervised, or it wouldn't have wandered off to the dam by itself.

  3. What happened to those beach balls.

    Did u hold onto them?


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