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Saturday, September 30, 2006

There is a house in Fredericksburg, they call the Rising Sun...

This week, being more adjusted to the night shift and not having to have glasses repaired, I found time to explore Fredericksburg. I am hoping to get back there soon: there's lots and lots to explore. Next time, though, I'll take the motorscooter with me - parking the motorhome in Fredericksburg was a serious challenge.

One of the ladies at Curves told me about the Ferry Farm, which is where George Washington spent a major part of his childhood. Not being sure of the route, I stopped at the Visitors Center and as luck would have it I arrived just in time to catch a carriage tour through the town - and have it all to myself. I decided to leave the Ferry Farm for another trip and take the carriage tour.
This is definitely the way to get an overview of what Fredericksburg is about - and the weather was absolutely beautiful.

My tour guide, Bob, introduced me to Peggy and Jeff. They are Belgian Draft Horses. Then off we went.

Goolrick's Pharmacy has the oldest continuously operating soda fountain (though I don't remember whether that's in the state or country or what).

And this is the House of the Rising Sun.
Well, really it's the Rising Sun Tavern. It was a Proper Tavern. That means that a lady traveling alone could stay there without tarnishing her reputation. There were separate lodgings for ladies. Men liked a Proper Tavern also, as they were not allowed to sleep more than 3 guys to a bed.

Thomas Jefferson and others drafted the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom in Fredericksburg in 1777. The legislation established that "no man shall suffer on account of his religious opinions and beliefs". This bill inspired the First Amendment, which was incorporated into the Constitution in 1789 and provided for the separation of church and state. Jefferson considered this one of the three things he was most proud of during a lifetime of great accomplishments. The Thomas Jefferson Religious Freedom Monument (which doesn't show up too well - I was in a moving carriage and couldn't exactly set up the shot) commemorates that event.

This is the other Washington Monument. This one's to George's mother, Mary Washington. George had bought her a house (you'll see it later) in Fredericksburg, and Mary lived there for the last 17 years of her life. She used to walk from there to this site, which she loved, for prayer and meditation, and asked that she be buried there.

The funds to build the monument were collected by women, from women, during the 19th century.

This house took a cannonball hit during the Civil War. If you look closely, you can see it in the shadows between the first floor windows.

This Presbyterian church is the oldest church in Fredericksburg, and was used as a hospital during the Civil War. Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross, nursed soldiers here.

This is the block at which slaves were auctioned in antebellum Fredericksburg.

And here is Mary Washington's house. It is now a living history museum. Next time I get to Fredericksburg I hope to check it out.

After the tour, I stopped in at
Pickers' Supply.. It's a wonderful store for musicians. I did not know that Martin made camo guitars!
I would think that if you're playing your camo Martin in the woods, maybe the deer wouldn't see you but they'd still hear you. Go figure.

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  1. Anonymous5:11 AM

    Hey! Glad to see you made it to Fredericksburg! We moved from there a few years back and I miss it so much! Just should tour the churches too...amazing! [and there are a lot of them] Oh and go to the old apothecary shop and visit the gardens behind...small but beautiful...
    Next time park down below Freds in the public parking area near the river [it gets crowded - on warm weekends - and you can walk up the hill to all the stores and attractions....Goolricks is the oldest soda fountain in VA! not as great as it once was - but still a neat little icon.

    Hope you enjoyed our ol' part of VA - love the blog!



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